I recently got the latest version of the COS-11 vampire clip (competing product to the Vclip).


It is VERY similiar to the Vclip, with three important differences:

1) The rubber tube that holds the mic capsule is less stiff and more rubbery than the Vclip.  This allows the capsule to be held securely yet allow enough flexibility to be removed with ease.

2) The rubber tube is also shorter, allowing a windscreen to be placed on the mic.

3) The Vclip retails for $20.99 while the Pro-Sound version is $5 less at $14.99.

I haven’t had time to test it in the field yet, but it does seem to solve my two major issues with the Vclip.

More to come….


P.S. If you read my ***review of the VClip***, you’ll remember I had to use my teeth to get the darn thing off my Sanken COS-11! You’ll see the damage to the clip below.

Vclip vs. Pro-Sound Clip