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A feature / drama sound mixer’s kit is as important as the quality of the brushes and the richness of the paints is to a great artist.

An exceptional sound kit has to be rugged, yet refined and modular enough to adapt to the many requirements of the location, the scene and the conditions. One day, you will be shooting scenes in cars or on trains, and on the next day filming at the apex of a mountain.

Rain, sleet or snow… the show must go on!



Feature Cart


Aaton Cantar X3 24 Track Recorder
16 Channels of Lectrosonics Wireless
14 In Ear Monitors (IEMs)
Triple HD Monitors
100 Amp Hours of Battery Backup


Mini Cart/bag


Aaton Cantar X3 #2 (primary backup)
12 Channels of Lectrosonics Wireless
14 IEMs
60+ Amp Hours of Battery Backup





Car rig / Process Trailer Kit

Playback and Voice of God Speaker

VW Transporter Customised Sound Van

Full package flight ready worldwide!


Lectrosonics bodypack transmitter

 About them, they are small etc


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