I love a company that listens to it’s customers.

I got my new belt clip yesterday courtesy of Lectro from a request that I made ( as well as many others)  for a belt clip similar to the UM style belt clip for the SM / SMD/Q style transmitters.

Why? The existing options for the SM style transmitters were the leather pouch and the (stainless steel) clip. Neither of these were great solutions and often didn’t stay in place on cast, nor did any of the above allow for lav mic cable management.

The new belt clip does.

It’s a bit smaller then the UM clip and made of blue anodized aluminum.

The *only* thing (and there is no way around it) is that because it isn’t as long as a UM Clip, it might not grab as well when used on large belts.

That being said, I love it.

Thanks Larry!