Yesterday,  Lectrosonics sent me back  the very first  SR/5P converted into a (*mostly) SRa /5P.

(*I say mostly because there is one more modification coming; the external 5P connector (a.k.a “wart”) will be moved from the right side to the left so that it doesn’t interfere with Camera operators who shoot from the hip. The machining for that mod is still a few weeks or so out.)

As you can see, the SR-SRa revision took the fixed antennas and swapped them out for the SMA style antennas we see on the UM style transmitters. This is being done for two reasons: first, some users wished that the antennas were shipping out 100% upright or had concerns that the fixed antennas could be bent and not easily replaced.  Secondly, word is that a future “Six Pack” is in the works that can be developed for the SR platform that will allow the antennas to be hooked to an external antenna array and effectively creating a 12 channel box.

As a side note, I also received a beta version of the SR Battery Sled.  The sled allows you to mount a Sony Lithium Ion (L or M style) rechargeable battery onto the SR.  The sled isn’t just a clip on unit, but also takes the place of the external bottom adapter plate. There is a minor bit of finishing work to be done on the sled, but at first look this accessory seems very impressive and useful for cameras that don’t offer external power.

The clips hold the battery in place very tightly and allow for quick and easy battery changes. It also works well in concert with the SR Sleeve mount for mounting to the bottom of camera’s tripod plate mount.

Pricing information and availability will be coming to me shortly for both of these modifications and I will post the information as I receive it from Lectrosonics.

Special thanks to Larry F and Mike S at Lectrosonics for getting me and everyone else a sneak peak!