I just got the ETS Instasnake PA202 system. It passes four XLR inputs up to 1900′ via a single Ethernet (RJ45) cable. With a shielded cable, it even passes phantom power!

I have been using if for Process Car Work and other long runs. So far, it has worked like a charm!

I’ve been dropping to Lectro 411a receivers in the back seat of the insert car and hardwiring two Sanken Cub-01 Mics as plants into the Instasnake.

So far, I haven’t experienced any noise, buzzing or high/low end loss in the signal. However, you should avoid running the ethernet cable alongside any power cables – just as you would any XLR cable.

As it stands, I’m very pleased with the kit and it’s low cost!

My kit cost about $325. It includes:

  1. 4 input Male XLR to RJ45 Box (PA202M)
  2. 4 input Female XLR to RJ45 Box (PA202F)
  3. 2 runs of 100′ Shielded RJ45 cable w/ Neutrik connectors
  4. Neutrik Coupler


There is a brand new version that is now in a metal case.  Also, ask for the “Sound Guy Discount” if you order it direct from ETS.


(Note: I originally had this titled as a balun, but as Jeff Wexler pointed out, it has no transformers and is just a box wired to take in four XLR style cables and run them through an Ethernet cable. Thanks Jeff!)