Dave Fisk from K-Tek sent me the brand new KTA2 (Sidemount Transmitter Adapter) to replace my old CCR on my 16′ foot K-Tek Classic. Rather than having the Plug-on transmitter poking out to the side, the sidemount comes out and up to put the transmitter parallel to the pole. (I have a Loon Boompole that has a similiar feature.)

I’ll say this. It’s very well made and locks onto a plug-on transmitter very well. It’s also very easy to swap out the KTA2 with CCR. A simple unscrew of the collar, an unlocking of the TA3 connector and then doing the same in reverse order to install the new bottom adapter. It really is a great feature of the K-Tek to be so modular!

Another reason I like the K-Tek better than the Loon Wing:  You can still grab the pole with enough space for your hand to grasp the pole. With the  Loon, the transmitter is seated directly next to the pole.

It also certainly looks more like a quality K-Tek product than the original KTA (of which I have not used, but have seen pictures).

Here are some pics of the new adapter, the original CCR and, in comparison, the Loon Wing.

Well worth the $128.25. Cheers K-Tek!