I’ve been working on a show for the past couple months with a 788T/Cl-8 Combo rig. So far we’ve had 5 CL-8’s crash and die. They would NOT power back up.

Alfredo del Portillo, who is working long running show with a similar rig, has had four CL-8’s go bad.

I talked to Nick at Sound Devices and while they don’t have a clear answer, they think it has to do with a chip that is losing it’s memory somehow in combination with the lastest firmware update.

Sound Devices has actually paid to rent Alfredo’s rig for testing to see what is going on because his rig has been experiencing the problem while it is running the 2.0 firmware, which is an anomaly. (2.01 is the most recent version)

It seems to be some sort of software issue with the units as the CL-8s are able to be reflashed to life at the factory in Wisconsin, but it could also be a defective memory chip.

Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon!