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Spring Cleaning SALE!

Hi Guys, I'm selling a few things that might be of interest to you: JK Audio THAT-2 --- ($188 new) $100 Whirlwind Pressbox 12 - Passive 12 channel line to mic splitter ($399 new) MINT! $300 (2) BEC Mounting Boxes and a Plate for mounting 2 411a Recievers onto Anton...

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Lectrosonics SM SMD/Qa Belt Clip

I love a company that listens to it's customers. I got my new belt clip yesterday courtesy of Lectro from a request that I made ( as well as many others)  for a belt clip similar to the UM style belt clip for the SM / SMD/Q style transmitters. Why? The existing...

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Shooting in Ghana, Africa

So, this week I'm in Ghana. I'm shooting a corporate documentary for a Goldmine. In the past month, I've been a pin cushion... Hep A/B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Polio & 3 Rabies shots. Tomorrow is our first shoot day. We are in So far, block 21, 22 & 26 seem...

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Diary of a First Time Audio Cable Maker!

I recently decided to bite the bullet and teach myself how to solder my own cables from scratch. I know I'm FAR from the first or last audio guy to do it, but I thought you might enjoy reading the narrative of my ups AND downs of the "Chris Durfy Cable Making Machine!...

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Custom 788t return box from Trew

Trew made me a custom box that plugs into my 788t headphone jack. I then plug my headphones into it and the return signal from the camera. That allows me to select direct 788t or return sound. It has a volume control and a left/right/stereo selector. It cost $110. I...

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Lectrosonics SMQV: First Impressions

Lectrosonics SMQV: First Impressions Super Miniature Quarter-Watt Variable Transmitter Street Price: $1325.00 I've been using SMD/a style transmitters from Lectro for a while now and have found them to be a very valuable tool in my sound arsenal. While they aren't as...

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Sanken COS-11 Vampire Clip from

I recently got the latest version of the COS-11 vampire clip (competing product to the Vclip). It is VERY similiar to the Vclip, with three important differences: 1) The rubber tube that holds the mic capsule is less stiff and more rubbery than the Vclip.  This allows...

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Ultrasone Pro 750 Headphones Review

The Ultrasone Pro 750 Headphones feature a closed-back and stiff titanium-plated drivers.  They are also very comfortable and designed with elements that are easy replaceable.  In using them for the past year, I have found them to be a good set of cans. However, that...

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Sanken COS-11 Vampire Clip / VClip

I got my VClip for about $20.00.  (I bought it from, even though they are working on competing version in it's second iteration). ( I noticed right away that it looked like the back half of a Countryman B6's vampire clip (which...

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