bcsbbv2_1Last week, I added a second wired boom w/ talk back to my cart kit.  I chose Remote Audio’s new Boom Box V2 to complement my “old style” Boom Box.

I purchased a new Boom Box, Adapter Cable (to convert old cables to new style), Mixer Fanout and a modified MDR-7506 Headphones w/ talkback mic terminated in a TA-5f connector.

What’s New?:

1) TA-5 Connector Headphone Connector:  I like that the headphones now have a single connection point for the TB Mic and Headphones. We’ll see how that connection holds up after some use.

It is also great to have the legacy XLR & 1/4″ connectors for older style modified headphones to work as well.

2) Volume Control w/ built-in on/off switch: My Boom Operator loves this. LOVES THIS! Now he can adjust for quiet or extremely loud situations without me adjusting the gain to his headphones.bcsbbv2_4

3) LED – The old style had no LED built in to let you know if it the BoomBox was on, the battery was low or off. The new one sports a green LED when on and goes red when the battery gets low.

4) Battery door – The new BoomBox has a battery door that angles out and a latch for securing the battery with in. No more prying out of the removable battery sled like in the old version.bcsbbv2_3

5) Boom Cable no longer hardwired into the Boom Box – In creating the “New Style” Remote Audio has flipped the gender direction of the Boom Cable so that it can be directly connected into the Boom Box without a dongle.

This is why you’ll need to purchase the adapter cable for your old style system. You’ll also need to specify “Old Style Fan-out” for the mixer side connection.

6) Balanced Line Level or Headphone Level Stereo Input & Support for dynamic & electret talkback microphones.


The new Boom Box V2 is a very solid offering which has many great new features. Just be aware that if you are using this with the old style, you will need to use the adapter and specify the old style when ordering the Fanout!


Boom Box V2: $259.00

Adapter Cable (Adapts old style cables to new style): $59.99

Fan Out (788t/Cl-9): $87.49

Remote Audio Modified 7506 Headphones w/ Dynamic TB Mic & TA-5 Connector: $254.99

Link: http://www.remoteaudio.com/boom_cable_system_v2/