Lectrosonics SR/5P Receiver – A Second Look After The Updates

Last week I received the updated SR/5P. The unit had two internal and one external hardware change and numerous updates to the operating system.

Hardware Upgrades

The first improvements were for two bugs. The first corrected the unit’s diversity and the second fixed the second channel’s battery display. One IMPORTANT note: Lectro tells me that because of the way the SR is designed, it is better to have the first channel be a LOWER frequency than the second channel for performance reasons.

The obvious hardware upgrade is the 5P (external 5pin adapter) which allows the unit to work on cameras that have a slot, but only have a single channel activated. Basically, you attach an external TA5F cable that splits into to XLR connectors and attaches to the rear XLR inputs on the camera. While we all wish it worked in the slot, this is a good fix until the camera manufacturers get up to speed. I do HIGHLY recommend you get a backup cable with your 5P as it would difficult to get a replacement on-the-fly.

Also, as per my request, Lectro got me some Phillips head screws to swap out for the flat heads in my adapter plates.

BIOS Updates

New Backlight Menu

This is an update I’m very pleased with. Holding down the power and up button allows you to access the backlight menu. You can choose from having it “always on”, “always
off”, a “30 second timeout”, or a “5 minute timeout.”

New External Voltage Monitor

While in operation, hitting the power button shows the external battery voltage. This is nice, but I’d like to see it read the transmitter voltages in the future. Lectro says they’d like to do this, but there isn’t room in the processor memory to accommodate this.

RF Metering

Lectro has updated the display of the RF meters to respond more like a 411.


I haven’t had a chance to run all my tests yet. This week I’ve been working with BetacamSPs and have only been able to use the external adapter hanging off the side of a camera.

With the limited tests, I must say that the improvements to the unit seem to be rock solid. I’m getting much better range and reception out of the unit and much less touch sensitivity than I had experienced, previous to the updates.


I like it. A lot.

In fact, I just ordered two more SR/5Ps to use on a reality shoot that I will be on for about four months where I will be feeding three Panasonic HDX900s (in the slot, with 5P cables). That should be a great test of the durability of the units and how they operate in a high use situation.