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Super-Cmit 2U vs KMR82i Shotgun Shootout

Hi all, Last Saturday morning a bunch of local Atlanta mixers, boom-ops & utilities met over breakfast at Whit's house to field test the Super CMIT. We had all heard how successful the Super CMIT had been used by Simon Hayes on “LesMisérables” in studio...

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10 Months!

Hey sound friends, My goodness... it's been ten months since my last blog entry. I have been blessed in that time with non-stop bookings and have fully transitioned from reality shows to feature and scripted work. I'm going to try and take the time to update this blog...

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Remote Audio Boom Box v2 Review

Last week, I added a second wired boom w/ talk back to my cart kit.  I chose Remote Audio's new Boom Box V2 to complement my "old style" Boom Box. I purchased a new Boom Box, Adapter Cable (to convert old cables to new style), Mixer Fanout and a modified MDR-7506...

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Sound Guys Lav-Bullet

Every once in a while a very innovative product comes along... in this case, the Lav-Bullet. It's a simple idea that is extremely useful, especially if you need to run a mic wire down through the pants to an ankle strap... but is also very useful to get the wire...

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