10 Months!

March 7, 2012 – 3:06 am

Hey sound friends,

My goodness… it’s been ten months since my last blog entry.

I have been blessed in that time with non-stop bookings and have fully transitioned from reality shows to feature and scripted work.

I’m going to try and take the time to update this blog more often! I think the next big article will be about how I transitioned from bag work to cart work. Would you be interested in the story?

In the meantime, thanks for reading!




  1. 2 Responses to “10 Months!”

  2. Would love to hear your story and what new gear you have.


    By Nicole Hankerson on May 7, 2012

  3. Hi Chris, yes I would love to hear the story too, so that’s 2 of us!.
    Hey I can bring some friends too so it feels like you have a big audience!


    By dom on Jan 20, 2013

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